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Homura's Circle of Spirals
Sunday, May 1st
Somewhere in this world, there is a cycle. A cycle that spins around again and again, in time, possibly unto eternity.
But this is no ordinary cycle, not one of formula or of mechanics. No, not at all.
This is a cycle of choice.
The girl responsible for it, refusing to give up each time, possesses an unwavering will to save her friend. She made a deal with the devil, gained amazing powers, and created this cycle for the one purpose of saving her closest friend, whose destiny is to always die. Her mission had always been to change an unchangeable future, and even after having repeated the same month so many times now that she had lost count, she still hasn't given up yet.
She always has the option to walk away safely, and live a peaceful life far away from the city and the one girl she cared about.
She always has the chance to end this nightmare and begin anew, without any attachments to the old world.
But she will never take it.
Instead, at the end of yet another
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The Immortal and His Daughter: A Christmas Story
Large pelts of snow slowly drifted down from the sky. The sky was grey and unclear, with little sign of the sun, but combined with the snowflakes that fell down with it made the sight a lot more fascinating. It wouldn't have helped anyone see any better in it, though. The ground was covered in a thick layer of snow, hindering the journey of a small group of people.
A man angrily made his way through the snow, mumbling to himself, each step he made sinking deep into the snow. He wore elegant white clothes fit for a prince, elegant white clothes that were perfect, without a single trace of dirt, rips, stains, or string. Unfortunately, these perfect elegant clothes didn't come with snow boots, making it difficult for him to make his way through.
"This is ridiculous!" He said suddenly, breaking the silence that had been going on for a couple of hours. "Why do we have to take a detour through this snow, when there are such easier ways to get to our destination?!"
Behind him he was followed
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Disgaea: Endless Light -0-
Disgaea: Endless Light

"There is no escape."  A feminine voice said. The voice had no emotion in it, as if a robot was saying it. A boy, who looked about ten, paused in his tracks.
A white light suddenly flashed, and the whole hallway was covered in it. The boy was blinded by the light. He shut his eyes, and then he took a few steps back. The light faded away, but the boy's eyesight was blurred when he opened them. He couldn't see anything very clearly for a moment, but then his eyes recovered and his eyes focused on what was in front of him.
There was someone in front of him, dressed unlike anything he had ever seen before. He instantly saw that it was an Angel. He wore a blue suit with golden yellow trims, while wearing a feathered robe over it. The trims at the end of his sleeves were arranged in a pattern like a heart, while the ones on the main part of his suit had a kind of cross in it, with a blue ribbon attached above. He had long blonde hair which for
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DATEA: Battle Against the Gods
A figure ran through the corridor. He ran quickly and swiftly, and no sound came from his footsteps. The cameras which were in corners of the roof above the figure didn't seem to notice it. A man then suddenly appeared from a corner, but the figure quickly ran past him, and the man didn't seem to notice him either. The figure, whoever or whatever it was, was quick, swift, and careful.
And then the figure saw a kitten, right in front of the door it was intending to enter. It was completely illogical, a kitten being there. In a place like this, the very headquarters of GAIA, a kitten was absolutely unexpected. Everything else was expected, but not a kitten. What on earth was a kitten doing there? Shoo! Shoo! Go away! You're disturbing the mission! You're going to ruin everything!
But it was too late. At the surprise of a kitten being there, the figure stopped running, and a huge metallic echo went throughout the entire corridor, since the figure was made of metal in the first place. The
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DragonFable: DoomKnight Isamy
Darkart looked down at the cliff again. He wore a black robe with a hood up. He held a staff, which had once belonged to the Necromancer called Klatu, which was like an ordinary staff with a skull at the end. Isamy, a friend of his and the savior of Falconreach, had been missing already for a few days, and he wondered where she was. Maybe Sepulchure or one of their old enemies had attacked her while she was doing a quest, but that seemed unlikely. But then he sensed something powerful, and looked far.
A dark shadow was slowly growing bigger. For a moment, he thought it was a trick of the light, but then he realized it wasn't. The dark shadow then grew into a figure, a figure of what seemed at first to be Sepulchure. The figure flew past Darkart before stopping, and turning back to Darkart. He wasn't Sepulchure, that much was certain.
The Doom Knight wore armor like that of a knight, only dark red with twisted spikes on its shoulders, and a black cowl to conceal his face. He also wore a
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I am dead.
I am dead.
Anything I do in the real world is ignored, everything I try to do is seen as negative. It is clear now that I am stuck and cannot return.
Perhaps it was because I was too addicted to the internet. Perhaps it was because I never gave myself enough time to sleep.
Whatever the reason, I'm stuck, and don't belong with anyone within a thousand-mile radius.
If I acted faster, then I could have kept my life in check. If I acted faster, then I could have been famous, and looked up to.
Now I am dead, because I was too lazy.
Only a child, and yet I can type like an adult.
Only a child, and yet I can animate.
Only a child, but I don't feel like it.
Only a child, and there is no one I can relate to.
If I try a joke, no one will laugh.
If I try to do anything funny, no one will laugh.
My own satisfaction is running dry, and the ones who speak to me nicely do it only out of pity.
My body is weak and crumbling. Honestly. My teeth are misplaced. My eyes are tired and blurring, and I'm t
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